Tormented By The Daily Prompt

Daily Prompters, why do you torment me so?

You ask what role music plays in your life and I answered it.


I am way too lazy to go back and check the daily prompt rules.  So if including a post from yesterday is against the daily prompter laws I am going to be a law breaker anyway.

Well, technically not.   Because I am writing this one NOW.

And music, haven’t there been music law breakers?  If not we wouldn’t have all of the different genres we have now.    Somewhere along the line people broke out of the traditional musics of their people to create new stuff.

So really, I am just following the musical beat of my heart.

I have always loved music.  Fancied myself a wonderful musician albeit without the skill to be one.

Until now.

Until yesterday.

Sorry Daily Prompters.  I can’t beat (get it) yesterday’s tempo of my blog.


Click on it.  I promise you will enjoy it.   Most likely at my expense.