The Age Of Revolution

I will not age gracefully.

I will age awkwardly and begrudgingly.  Anyone telling me to act my age will have to forgive me because the age I am I have never been before and will never be again.  What’s coming, I don’t know.  And what’s behind me can’t be brought back.   My age acting is a ridiculous expectation.

If there’ s a line to cross to go from able and willing and excited about life – to not.    I don’t know where it is.  And I don’t want to find it.   I’ve seen those who think they’ve crossed it and sat down to be done.   I’ve seen those who I would think have crossed it but they surprise me by running marathons, lifting weights and starting new careers.   This line is arbitrary.  It exists for some.  It does not exist for others.  And I have no intention of looking for it.

If I cross it I will either be unaware of it, ignore it or redefine it.

When the time comes that I am not excited about trying new things, seeing new things, tasting new things….my time here is done.

We may not be able to stop the body from aging.  But my mind is not age-able.  I’ve proven that to myself time and time again.   By acting an age others thought I left behind long long ago.

Whatever it is that makes me think I can-still makes me feel like the me that I am.

Someday I will be that old person that others may see but it won’t be the me that I see.

The new and unknown will always intrigue me.   Do not tell me to act my age.  My age is a first and new experience for me.  I will define it!

I will pound and thump my chest.     I will, ever so ungracefully if I must:








It may not be pretty to some.

But it will be magnificent to me.



Chest Thumping

Join me!

Define for yourself what you can do.