Not Today

I would like to write something brilliant today.

It will not happen.

But my hopes are high it could happen.  Some day.  Today though I am still nearly drugged from my allergy pill that I took last evening.  It is a miracle cure for sure.  The old allergies hit me hard a few weeks ago.  My doctor gave me a new allergy pill and by golly it worked!  I felt better by the next morning.  Sleeping great!!!   Too great I think.  Because when I wake up I don’t think I moved all night long.  I don’t think I blinked.  Or had any dreams.  Nothing.  I’m not complaining.  The pill did it’s job.  But I think it is slowly trying to take over my life.   I’m not taking it tonight.

Aside from that little tidbit I have nothing to write about.


Okay I could write about Ireland some more and how we leave a week from tomorrow.   I could write about biking.   Or work.  Or my kids.  Or I could write about Grace O’Malley.   Or about TKD, and how we are going to see the New Karate Kid after TKD on Saturday with all of the mini students.  This will be fun.  Very fun.  I’m excited to see this with the kids.  I think it will be exciting to them.  They will see someone they can relate to.  But I won’t write about that today.

Because whatever I write today will not be brilliant.  It will be dulled by allergy medication.  Allergy medication serves a purpose.  And serves it well.  It’s purpose does not include brilliant writing.