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Sepia Memories

I come from a large family.  In addition to memories of my own I seem to have developed a filing system in my head for memories that aren’t mine.  I can think of a family member and I seem to have some of their memories stored.  As if they are mine.  Memories of grandparents with my cousins.  Memories of weddings I never attended.  Memories of family drama that has made it to family lore.  Memories of heartbreak and sadness.  Memories of togetherness.

I can go to them in my memory and they are stored in sepia.  Like the hearing of them over the years has made an imprint on my heart and recollections.

Sepia Memories

And then, when I hear the owner of the memory talk….I see it in color.   Through they eyes of someone who can look back and both see it, and feel it.


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