Not Specifically

I sat across the table from her.  She kept her hands and eyes busy with numerous different gadgets and whatnots.  I knew she was paying attention with her ears and mind.

We had a bunch of questions to get through.  She was very patient with me and my asking.

At one point I asked her if she could give me some examples of her answer.

She quickly replied “not ‘pefifically”.  She rolled her eyes as she stumbled over the word.

She repeated “not ‘pefifically”.

She gave a little grunt and said with a gust of forced air a new attempt “not ‘pefically”.

Her instant look of exasperation at the word that refused to cooperate was understandable.  Words can be difficult.  She bounced her hands off of the table.  With intent she then dropped her hands to the table.  Stopped all movement.  Acquired a very focused and concentrated look.  Paused, to make sure it was right.

And said “not pecifically”.

With a sigh of content, knowing she finally got it right, she went back to fidgeting with her hands and her eyes.

I took note that she could not pecifically give any examples.

And we moved on.

Asking questions, using words.