Something New

I have something new to share.

I hope you enjoy it.  If not, be kind and ignore it.    Any feedback is appreciated.  I did this as a fun experiment at the encouragement of Ms. Ashley.    Now instead of it sitting in my computer and on my shelf as a pile of papers or unused file….I will put it out there for fun.

In 2010 friends encouraged me to do the Nano Challenge.   Write so many words in 30 days.   It is to encourage people to write.   And I love writing so I thought….why not.    I wrote in the car on the way to work.   Fear not, I am safety conscious, husband was driving.   I wrote while I rode my bike.  Again, safety minded.   I would be perched upon my bike which was perched upon a trainer and I would have my computer on the nifty little desk I designed and husband built so I could do just these things I love to do:  pedal and write.

This link will give you the results of that fun challenge.  But I am doing it a little differently.   Normally when I have something to say I write it and stick it on the blog.   Instant.   Quick.   Write now for right now.   Instead I’m going back a few decades and doing it “serially”.   I will only post part of it a week.

I really would appreciate feedback.    It’s about the people.   The story.   I know the punctuation and grammar and everything technical may make some cringe.    So ignore those things.    Please.

If you care to, join me at Wannabe Books.