Message Undelivered….

Husband called Nephew last night and after a brief discussion Nephew said he would have his mom call Husband back as soon as she got home.  As of this morning- no call.   Husband calls Nephew this morning,  as soon as Husband says “Nephew….”

Nephew says “oh I forgot.  I’ll call her at work.”

Husband asks if he should call her at work.

Nephew says “yes it’s okay, as long as I’m not calling her about something like whether I can have candy or not.”   But important reasons are okay to call her at work.

I wonder how my life might be different if I had received every message sent to me or meant for me.

When I was growing up there were eight kids.  Back in the time of “land lines” and even prior to “answering machines”.   Answering “machines” in our house were kids.   Unreliable kids at that.    I wonder how many hundreds of phone calls came in over the years for my parents that a child answered, took a verbal message, and did not share it with the parents.  The child (probably not me) may have forgotten to share it, or maybe even chose not to share it.  Maybe the child could not yet write a message down.  Or maybe a child could write but had no idea what they were writing and what they heard was not what was said and certainly not what they shared.   These things were all highly possible considering the seven siblings I have.

I may or may not have done any of these things.

When my children were of an age to answer the phone….I soon discovered they inherited the traits of their aunts and uncles.  It got so bad I started telling people to automatically assume if they left me a message with one of my children that I did not get it.

I couldn’t help but wonder how many messages we wait for and never get.

Or how many messages we get and did not want.

Or how many times the message we hear is not the intended meaning of the message sent.

I wonder how many messages I leave that utterly confuse others or leave an unintended feeling.

I wonder how many messages I left that went undelivered.

What impact have undelivered messages had on me.  Or because of me.