Even The High Kings Have Mamos

No matter the position you are born to, you always have a place within your family.   And you always have something you are suppose to be doing.

The High King Himself (next best since Brian Boru Himself!) has been to visit.

His visit is of primary importance.  He is, after all, quite noble.

But his being noble does not preclude things in life that need completed.  We all have our chores.  Our duties.  And quite frankly, we all have to go to the bathroom at some point as well.

He, Himself, is quite demanding.   He has turned myself in to a mattress and will sleep no where else it seems in this small but comfortable castle but upon me with a royal but soft drumming upon his back.

But when I need to do what I need to do, he either must cooperate or go along.

No fears!  No bathroom trips were included in this!   I SWEAR!

But I did need to do a few things in my little bike room/office.

So he went along.

Uhm....Mom...what the heck?


He was suddenly captive.

*Snerk* Come on, I was only playing. Let me OUT!

He took to drastic measures.

Please God, restore me to my rightful dignity. Amen.

And as the Highest of all High Kings listens.

He restored faith in my little High King.

And placed upon him the crown of his rightful heritage.

His birthright.

His due.

His dignity.

Restored to Glory.

Your Highness.   I love you.  The crown is yours.

But do not ever forget.

Who your Mamo is.