Examples of How Life Loves You

Finding an onion ring in your french fries.   Cooked perfectly, crispy crunch on the outside, soft and hot onion on the inside.

A baby looking at you like they don’t have a clue who you are then dropping their little baby head on your shoulder in complete trust.

Unexpected  bonus: when baby “wraps” little baby arms around you and holds on for a hug.

Your boss makes you laugh.   Every day.   Almost.

Walking in a crowd and smiles and pleasantries thrown at you from people you don’t know.

Going on an investigation for work to see if an elderly person is being abused and they aren’t!

Talking to a stranger and discovering a shared passion for biking.

Your aunts and uncles think you’re the bees knees.

Vacation.    Having a job to return to after vacation.

Feeling a sense of normalcy returning when you return  to work after returning from vacation.

Talking to an old friend and find out they think of you as often as you have thought of them.

Husband buying you a book just because he knows you will like it.

Co-worker and friend showing up to work in the morning with a Tim Horton’s cinnamon raisin bagel because she knows you love them.   And she knows you love them a little too much but supports your need for them.  Not to mention that both of the people you work with know how you drink your hot coffee, and exactly how to order your iced coffee so you can assemble it yourself at your desk.

Someone posting a beautiful sentiment on Facebook about you and then twenty people commenting with a positive response.

And then the one cousin who always posts something snarky yet humorous still does.   Because it’s expected of him.   And it makes you laugh every time.

Waking up joyfully to go to work to realize it’s Saturday, or a holiday, and the joy just triples.

Okay, quadruples.

A friend saying they dreamed about you.   And the dream was funny and unexplainable.   Just as dreams should be.

Winning five dollars on a scratch off ticket someone gives you.

Receiving a card or letter in the old fashioned mail box.   And realizing at some point in the past two days or so this person was thinking enough about you that they purchased a card, wrote their note and took time to mail this card.

Husband calling you at work and asking if you had coffee.  When you know you forgot it on the counter.  And when you say no he says “come to the back door at work and you can have some” because he went and bought a coffee.   And a banana.

Your mom calling you to ask if you feel better and what are you doing to get better.   Even though you’re a grown up adult like person.

Then tsk tsk-ing you for being at work when you don’t feel good.

Your chid(ren) celebrating you getting a phone plan with texting.  Finally.  And then texting you every single day of your life.

After you’ve gone to bed.  Because they don’t want you acting old and going to bed at 7 pm.

Feeling excited and grateful about things that seem meh to others.

Maybe I should have written “I” for all of the “you” s in this blog.

Because I feel that life loves me.    And life?  I love you right back!

Seize the Moment!