Driving Thoughts

Driving Thoughts

God’s ‘day’ was surely longer than 24 hours long.

Right now my previous moments are eternally being lived out in a parallel time warp.  All of them.

Risk your own life not mine, asshole!  (Wait, that may have been said out loud, but I thought it first).

I wonder if I would have been any good at ballet?

There is an awful lot to know in this world and I don’t know much.  I wonder how much Stephen Hawking knows, percentage wise, on what there is to know….

Oh….I could live there.    I could live there.   I could live there.

Who designed this stupid freeway?  The shortest distance to anywhere is a straight line.  WHY aren’t there any straight lines?   Okay, every five miles theres a straight line.  I know.  I just don’t remember which president made that part of the plan.  I should look it up when I get home.

Doo wah ditty ditty dum ditty do.

I wonder if I can go thirty more minutes without pulling over to find a bathroom.

I wish “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” would come on the radio.

Thank you God, for such a glorious and beautiful day!

I think I’ll clean the house when I get home.

No I won’t.

Iced cappuccino.

BBQ ribs.

That car cost more than my house.

I wish I had a sound track to my life.   I should make a sound track list for my life.

Life is too busy.   I think I’ll go home after work and not be busy.

No I won’t.

A chauffeur would be nice.

Don’t any of these people work?

I wonder if I could get a panoramic shot of the moon and the sun both in the sky at the same time?

Not everyone likes a bucket seat.

I’ll go home and work out.

No I won’t.

I hope I can find a parking spot.

In 1814 we took a little trip….

I can’t believe I can’t do that stupid Rubik’s Cube.

17 minutes to the bathroom.