So the husband and I have worked every single day for about 4 weeks on the little house.

You’d think we would be tired.

You’d think right.  But it’s the kind of tired that puts you to sleep at night and when you wake up you feel great.   Or at least I do.

One of the greatest little things happened today.   Husband asked if I was ready for a break.  I said sure, any time.  Thinking he was going to go pick up lunch.  Instead he said ‘let’s ride our bikes to get something to eat’.

Incredifabulouso Suggestion!

Here I keep thinking for the most part that we won’t really get to enjoy the totalness of living here and taking advantage of the long ago expressed pros to living in a town, on a bike trail, relatively close to some things.  Which is more things than where I live close to now.   Grant it, the pros to where I live now is that I am not close to anything.   Ironic, I know!

So on the bikes we go.  We rode to Rax and I got a roast beef and doused it in horseradish sauce and barbecue.  Do not be a hater here, it’s good stuff.

Shared some cheesesticks with the husband.  Got back on the bike and rode back to the little house.  All in less time than had we gotten in the car and gone.  Some people may think this not such a great thing.  But to me it is an incredifabulouso thing.

This word is now copyrighted by me.   But use it when appropriate.