Didn’t Plan This

What a pleasant little day this turned out to be.  Without any planning for such a thing.  Work kept me busy.  Which is a definite plus.  I despise a day that is full of nothing.  It makes for a long and agonizing day.  A busy day and it does not feel like drudgery.  It feels productive.  Lunch plans with one friend turned out to be lunch with three friends and Nennie and Hootie.  A great break in the middle of a busy work day.   It was very nice for me.  And Nennie and Hootie got lunch on me.  I suspect, no I know, they anticipated that.  But that’s the perks of being a mom.    And Nennie didn’t order a steak so all was well.

A bike ride after work.  And what do you think we rode to on our bike ride?  A brand shiny new bike store!  Not open until tomorrow but the door was open and I asked if we could come in.  Of course they said yes.  The only down side to this was as we were riding to the bike store I asked David if he had his wallet with him.  Sadness.  He did not.  Lucky for him.  I checked out the bikes.  Beautiful.  The one I was most drawn to was so shiny…..   The sales guy said “it looks like your size”.   If it had not of been totally inappropriate I would have kissed him, or hugged him, maybe I should have just high fived him.  Regardless, the bike stayed up.  David didn’t have his wallet with him.

You think that was the end of the high lites/lights?   No.  We went to Dairy Queen!   Carmel Cheesequake Blizzard.

Then, on our way home, it occurred to me that I do not like how we haul our bikes.  I prefer order and organization.  David prefers toss it in, ball it up, dirt doesn’t matter.  My head spins.  We got home.  I went in the garage and all of the clutter out there and decided I needed to design a new way to haul our bikes.  I had a great plan.  It didn’t work.  So we puttered around.  David decided to build something.  I decided to clean and adjust my bike.  And by the end of the afternoon we had bikes packed on our prototype new bike hauling system.  And we’re ready for a long ride this weekend.  I do think I should patent this.  But, I have some design ideas that will have to be added.

It’s after 8 p.m. and I am still awake.

This letting life happen thing is the way to do it.

Good day.  Good night.