Oh So Very Wrong

My apologies for this post.  It is meant with the best of intentions.

I have noticed that as families go, we tend to take the liberty of making fun of one another in the most (seemingly) inappropriate ways.  Surely most families do this.    Right?

I mean, it’s not just my family.  Surely we are  not the only inappropriately-take a crack at each other-family.

I’m going to assume if you read this you will have agreed with me by now.

If you don’t agree and don’t get this, my apologies.  Not for the blog, but for not getting it.   🙂

I use to be married to someone else.  Another life.  He was not very social.  He was hard working.  He could do that.   Not good at going out and meeting others.  He wasn’t comfortable doing that.  As a result he really only met very few of my extended family members.  Most of my family gathering’s I went to I attended with the children, without him.  Or I didn’t go at all.  You know how that goes.

In 1998 my father passed away unexpectedly.  Though it was a very traumatic time for us all it brought our very large and extended family, from both sides, together to comfort one another.  Though husband of the time was not good at socializing, he was there through out helping and being very supportive during this very difficult time.  One of my aunts who had never met husband of the time arrives at the funeral home. I didn’t see her arrive.  But soon enough she comes to talk to me, hug me, comfort me.  Than traumatize me some more.

She leans in and tells me she nearly had a heart attack when she came in to the funeral home and thought she saw my dad standing “there”.   I said where.  She pointed over to my husband of the time.

My husband.

I leaned back in to her and told her I would thank her for the rest of my married life and through out my therapy for now making me see my father in my husband every time I look at him.

It’s probably her fault we got divorced.

So these many years later I write a blog about my grandfather.  And post  a very attractive picture of him from his football team picture.  He’s quite dashing.  While I was writing the blog I thought “golly, he looks like my brother in law”, the Italian one who is also Irish but doesn’t wax poetic about Ireland.  That one.  The damn good looking one.  Oh my God, he looks like my Grandfather.   But I didn’t say anything.

Until my sister, brother in law’s wife, sent me a text saying she never knew grandfather was so hot.

I could not resist.

I sent her a text saying I know! Kinda reminds me of (insert name of brother in law) !!!!!!  Not that I want you to envision passion with grandfather when your with your husband.  Hahahahahahahahaha!  You can thank me in therapy.

Her response:

LMAO  (laughing my ass off) he was good looking though my God!!!!

Inappropriateness is appreciated across the generations.

Funny by family is usually the best.