My Morning Ride Makes Work Better

I rode my bike to work.   And I liked it.

It was 6:21 a.m. when I walked out to get on the bike.

I get myself all set.  I had my bike shorts on under my jeans.  I had a dry weave shirt on.  Husband said it was chilly so I would need a jacket.  He emphasizes that “I” would, because he, the man, would not.

I strap on the old noggin protector.  Shades on.  Gloves on.  Good to go.   Swing that leg over the bike….  Damn near fell over.  I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been since I tried to swing my leg over a bike and I was wearing anything more than bike shorts, or bike tights.  Lesson learned.

Husband is very excited I am riding the bike to work.  Lucky for you.  Because now you have a picture.   Of me in my biking to work get up….

And the first portion of the new picket fence!

Please note that the “stuff” piled on the porch is yard sale stuff that will be sold today while I get to have to go to work.  On my bike.

Interestingly I never realized how much my ‘stuff’ weighs that I take to work every day.  Probably because I don’t carry it on my back normally.  And I don’t usually carry shoes either.   Or my work shirt.  Or my belt.  Or the five gallons of liquid I drink every day, including my green smoothie in the side pocket of my backpack.   It’s usually in my car.  Or already on me.

I would like to point out something very important.   Husband was wrong.

I did not need a jacket.  Or a long shirt.  Or anything of the sort.  My body temperature was up to about 115 degrees by the time I got 1/4 of a mile away from the house.  I didn’t stop sweating for an hour after I got to work.   And it only took me three to four more minutes to get to work than if I was driving.

The best part of riding my bike to work is I put it in my cubicle with me.   It felt a little liberating to have it right there.   And knowing I was wearing my bike shorts all day under my jeans.  It kind of felt like I could escape if I wanted to.

Life is good when you get to ride your bike to work.   Than take the long way home.