Now It’s Morning

I woke up to this day.  With things to do.  Isn’t that how it goes for a “day off”?  The house needs cleaned.  The laundry needs folded.  The dishes need washed.  There is work to do in the yard.  The car needs cleaned.  Things need readied for the days I have to ‘work’.


I sit here.  Outside on the quiet morn.

With a frothy hot drink.

In the slightly chilled air.

Birds…they are chattering and singing, maybe it’s their day off too.  Because I don’t hear them like this during the week.  Or I don’t have the time to sit here for a quiet moment of my own, to enjoy their banter back and forth.  It’s very entertaining.  I’m fairly certain the one doing the loop d’ loop song is bragging to the one who intermittently sounds to be encouraging the loop d’ loop with a trill little ‘tell me more!’.   And the loop d’ loop bird seems encouraged to do so.  Ah!  Someone is chiming in with a ‘deeter deeter deeter deet’.

Sounds like someone had, or is having a good time.

When I went to bed last night I had visions of all I would get done today.

But now it’s morning.

And I have visions of morning.  Without demands and parameters.

Now, it’s a lovely morning.