ATTACKED! By A Black Bear!

Two years ago today you came very close to witnessing my demise.  Read on if you dare.

While getting packed to go to Tennessee I asked one of my favorite little people in the whole wide world  what she wanted me to get her from Tennessee.   She said a “polar bear please Mamo”.   I told her I did not think Tennessee had polar bears.  But I thought they had black bears.    She said “a black bear will do Mamo”.   So with hugs and kisses we headed out the door for a bit of a road trip/hunting trip.

Everywhere we went we looked for a black bear.

Sadly, the only black bear we could find had “Tennessee” tattooed on it’s rump.  That would not do.  I wanted a genuine and authentic black bear to bring back for her.

To be honest I thought while we were biking in the mountains of Tennessee I might truly come across one.  Or rather, it might come across me.   I was so tired from pumping up the mountains it probably would have gotten me.  It would have had a stinky meal at my expense, but it would be the only defense I would have had available.    I probably smelled so bad it might of worked too.  Fortunately there were no bear attacks while on my bike.

Unfortunately I could not find any bears.   My heart broke as I purchased little trinkets to take back.   Tennessee is beautiful.  It has much to offer a traveler, a historian buff, a music seeking adventurer.    But no black bear to suit the gift giving agenda.

Then we had to leave.   My heart was a little heavy.   We were leaving Tennessee bear-less.  Due to some unplanned-for road construction….well it was unplanned by us, we had to take numerous detours once we hit Kentucky.   The state of Kentucky probably thought they had planned this well, but not for our traveling purposes.   They should call me next time.  But it actually worked out for the best.   Kentucky helped me out.  It wasn’t a fully pleasant experience, but it was necessary.

That’s right, Kentucky pulled through for me.  And let me tell you, not every or actually very many, Mamo’s would go through what I went through walking through the wooded hills of Kentucky to get this bear.   I had just about given up hope of finding one to purchase.   I mean, I told her I would bring it from Tennessee so I didn’t even consider getting one from Kentucky.  Once in to Kentucky Husband and I stopped to walk and get some blood pumping back in to our legs.

We headed in to the woods.  Probably not a safe thing to do any way.  I didn’t even have a walking stick.  I don’t know if it would have helped anyway.

I don’t even know if I can retell this story.   I’m still trembling a little.

But there we were, walking along.   Husband walking behind me.  It seems to be a habit of his.  When we bike he rides behind me.   He likes to think he can protect me from traffic coming up behind us.   Well it didn’t help much out in the woods.  But he did get pictures of what happened.

When I was attacked by a black bear!

That’s right.

Let me tell you something.   There is nothing I feared more in my life than that attack.  But that bear didn’t stand a chance.  I had one thing at the ready that that bear had no clue was coming at him.   I had promised a little Irish Pirate Queen a black bear.   And that foolish bear made him self available.  He attacked.  And I was aiming to keep a promise.

You would think Husband would have jumped to my defense, or in some way helped.   He did not.   However, he did get the pictures to prove this story.

Please don’t let little children see them.   They are pretty frightening.

But I would do anything for my favorite little people.   This proves it.

I saw it.

Husband rushes in…to help?  No!  To get a close up!

It leapt at me.

It went for my throat.

And the little people in my life must know I will always keep my promises.   Does this not prove it I ask?

I wrestled it until I gained control.   I scooped him up and ran like the wind.  Okay, in all fairness I ran  like hell to get away from Mama bear.   Or even worse, a Mamo bear.