Talk To A Stranger

Make life better.

Talk to a stranger.

Take advantage of the micromoment

You share on this orb.

Here’s to the billions of micromoments we have in our control.


Talk To A Stranger

I have a series of things I was putting together for a book.

All about making life better.


I’ll just put them here.

It’s free for all of us.

My friend and I went out last night.  We learned about a few strangers.  One lady is engaged and works at a camp for seriously ill children.  One man was visiting from Buenos Aires.  With the help of his friend’s wife who he had not seen in seven years, he showed up to surprise him.  Another man works in West Virginia and we all discussed the pros and cons of commuting for work.  I’m pretty sure of the five and sometimes six of us just sharing commonalities, we did not agree on everything in life, but we learned some fun things about one another.   We were pleasant.  And it was wonderful to learn some things we didn’t know, about people we didn’t know.

That made life a little better.