Pitiful Plea

Work is good.  Good for me.  Good to me.  Just good.

But when you have fun working with people, then you have to do the same thing alone, there is no way to capture that fun alone.   I could crack jokes, give myself the rolled eye look, or even laugh if it was funny enough.  But it would not be the same.   And would likely get me some psychiatric help if anyone saw/heard me.  And no, I don’t do that.   But I will sing when I work alone.   I digress.

When I work alone it might be as satisfying when the job is done.  The feeling of accomplishment is a powerful feeling.  Maybe even more so when you do something by yourself.

But work is more enjoyable when there is someone there to share the burden of the job.  The sweat of the task.   The frustration of something not going quite right.

Yes, I am talking about painting walls.

Maggie and JS…..   come back!