Ohio State Buckeyes Going To The Super Bowl!

I went to the hospital today.  I had a meeting with some medical professionals.  While waiting for a doctor to join us I spent time discussing football.

American football, to clarify for the European world at large.

College football is serious thing here.  People get behind their teams.  Houses, cars, yards, and even babies are decorated and even named after teams and players.  Lives are lived around games.   Celebrations last for a week, up until the kickoff of the next week’s game.  Foul moods last after a loss,  until the next win.

The following discussion may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t have a general understanding of college football in America.

As everyone in the Big Ten knows Ohio State won  last night.  There’s a certain amount of joy and take that being expressed joyfully to nay sayers country wide today.

But last night, before the game, one of the nurses I met with told me this story:

My nurse:   I had to call my charge nurse last night.  And she was getting ready for the game.  So I asked her if this was a big game.   She told me it was.  I asked her why.

Charge nurse:  if we win, we win the Sugar Bowl.

My nurse:  oh, so if we win, is it over for the season?

Charge nurse:  no!  We play again!

My nurse:  oh, then do we go to the Super Bowl?

We clarified that though she admittedly knows nothing about sports, and self proclaimed ignorance to anything sports related, she is brilliant at medical knowledge.