My Kingdom For A Chocolate

As I am often always blessed Husband went to the grocery store after I got home from work today.  I am that lucky.   Yes, he does all of the grocery shopping.  And it is not something you can blame me for.  When he left I had a fleeting thought God I hope he brings home chocolate.

In our house, in my head, there is an understanding.  I do not ask for things I know I should not be eating:  chocolate, DQ Blizzards, chocolate ice cream with peanut butter frozen in to it, cheesecake, ad infinitum.  That’s the understanding.  Wait, to clarify, that is the first part of the understanding.

The second part, and the part that keeps our marriage very very happy ….   is that it’s not my fault if Husband returns to the home with said items.  Or if he decides while we are out running errands  to get something decadent and oh so wrong for our heart healthy should be ways of living.  That’s on him.  He is driving.  Yes, always.  (Just so you don’t have to go back five hundred blogs he always drives because my driving makes him sick.  He said it.  So it must be true.)

When he returns and I am perched upon my bike on a trainer, sitting behind my desk built to slide over the bike on a trainer he steps in to the doorway.  He is looking either 1)very peaked or 2) very sheepish.

He says “don’t be mad at me”.

What pray tell could I ever be mad at him for?

“Why, what happened?  I mean….no, I would never be mad at you!”

“I bought chocolate.”

I am pretty certain his hair whipped in the air as it escaped by way of my huge sigh.   “You have no idea how much I was hoping you would.”

Marital bliss reigns supreme in this household tonight.

I really have no idea where this fear of his came from…. we do have some history together…..

Our first trip to Ireland we bought 150 pounds of chocolate as Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews.   We ended up eating 148 pounds dividing 2 pounds of it between 28 relatives.

I prayed a little at this inspiring shrine.
I’m embarrassed to say I cried a little.

I can not show you the video of me doing the happy dance when I found this place.

But I now own my own castle in this magical kingdom.

And he was worried about bringing home a bag of chocolates?

Silly man.