To The Edge

I walked to the edge of the wood today.

Oh! But it beckoned and called.

I stood, it enticed and tempted.

I stood in the sun.  Warmed and bright.

I looked in,

To the wood.

Where wind turns and spins in a beautiful musical dance with branches, weeds, and me.  If I enter.

I stepped closer to the edge.   Called as I was, to be there.

I stood, for as long as I could.  Considering.  I had a choice.


With a sigh,

I turned my back on the wood, the command, the allure.

Though part of me remained

I walked away from the wood.

And hear it’s beckoning call, still.




I took a real minute of my day and let the words play and spin, as if that wind from the wood, was in my cerebral cortex.