When The Child Isn’t Believed

If your child tells you something horrific has happened to them you may not immediately know what to do.  You may want to deny that anything this horrible could have happened to your child.  You may want to scream and rage and take on the world.  You may stumble and fall.  You may do any number of things.  Or you may want to do any number of things.  You can’t be prepared for this.

What you can do.

What you need to do.

What you should do.

What you must do.

Is believe your child.

They need to know that it was not their fault.  They need to know you believe them.  They need to know you will protect them.  They need to know these things from you.

You can find the resources to help you.

You are the resource to help them.

What are you telling them if you tell them you do not believe them.

And why, why, will they ever tell you anything again.

What risk do you take by believing them VS the risk you take by not believing them.


















Believe your child.  If you do not-who will?














For help in your area contact your local Child Protective Services,

Local law enforcement agencies,

Your personal physician,

Local Child Advocacy Centers,

Childhelp National Hotline (1-800) 4-A-Child