You Stop Something That is Bad

You may not agree with me but I’m okay with that.

I was watching a show.  On comes a commercial.  Music playing.  And things being thrown out of a window.  By a woman.  At a man.  And it’s not marshmallows she’s throwing, but everything.  Including ripping out her cable box (or whatever it’s called now) and throwing it out the window at him.

I’m thinking to myself….what has this got to do with cable, or internet, or whatever this commercial is selling.  Which I don’t know even though I’ve seen the commercial a few times now.

Instead of being charmed into buying a product I am disturbed that someone is trying to use a woman throwing items out of a window, at a man, to sell something.  The person speaking over the music is talking about what “you want” and getting what you want.

How …

What …

Why ….

I mean, is that what women empowerment is about?  Is that a strong woman?  I don’t think so.  Yes, I’m going to turn the tables.  Because if a man was throwing items out a window at a woman it would not be alright.   But, because we think a woman needs to be able to assault a man in a break up is alright, it’s okay.

No, it’s not.

Sadly, this is becoming a common theme.  I think.  Or I’m overly sensitive to it.

If something is wrong in one direction, turning it around and going the other direction, does not make it right.

You stop something that is bad.

That’s how you stop something bad.

It may be ‘just’ a commercial.  But this seems to be a theme in life as we know it now.

People are calling others out on their behaviors and beliefs and in doing so, believe that because they think they are right, they now have the right to become aggressive bullies in the name of righteousness.

I am not empowered because I can physically assault someone.

I am not empowered because I can call people names and demean them for not agreeing with me.

I am not empowered because I think I am right above all else and disregard other’s opinions.

I am not empowered, even if I am right, by believe others are stupid.

We aren’t listening to each other for our ‘why’s’ and our ‘because’s’.   Our different ideas and opinions are based in something, something we are not listening to.

I am empowered in my ability to grow as a human being, by having my opinions and beliefs and not being bullied out of them or bullying others for not sharing them.  I am empowered by knowing I have the option on how to act if I disagree with anyone, and choosing my actions based on how I believe others should be treated.

I am empowered by knowing I have the right and the ability to ‘do’ something.

I am empowered by having that choice.

My choice, is a reflection of what kind of person I am.