And More

It may be over-confident of my momentary feeling of wellness….but I am hoping to return to some form of normalcy.   But…who knows what morning will bring?  Not me.  Right now I’m sitting on the couch thinking “I feel pretty good” knowing full well that this bout with covid is a trickster.   One minute I’m breathing fine and feeling good.  The next minute, quite literally, I’m gasping for air and spinning while sitting still in my chair.  Despite its evil nature I am reminded daily of the goodness in the world.   Without asking for a thing we have been blessed with everything we need.  Meals have shown up at our door.  Cookies baked by people who love us.  One friend brought us an oxygen pulse oximeter so we could monitor our intake levels.  People checking in with us daily to see if we need anything.  And while I was writing this, garden fresh tomatoes were left on our porch.  It goes on.    My heart heaves with gratitude.