A Different Road

If I was to take a different road, right now, I would take a lane.

Not a high way.

Not a fast track.

I’d take a pleasant lane.

That had cottages and cabins along the way.

People who existed and grew

Right where they are.

The traffic would be minimal.

And mostly by foot.

Or bike.

Or wagon wheel.

Or hooves.

And it would meander.

It wouldn’t shoot straight to the business of business.

It would avoid business.

And be slow enough to encourage life and living.

It would embolden one to whistle.

And stop to sketch.  Or paint.  Or color with crayons.

There would be reason to conceive, generate and make.

 If I was to take a different road

It would be taken to revitalize my spirit

To rouse my adventure

To incite my desire to create

To set afire my passions –

It would be a lane that traveled the paths of my curiosities.

It would not take me.

I would create it.