I will never leave behind a great act or accomplishment that will alter the course of humanity.  I won’t cure a disease.  I won’t create a policy or agenda that will create world peace.  I won’t create a piece of art that will create passion and desire in the eyes to the heart who see it.  I won’t create a history that sets the world on edge or on fire.

But what I will do…

Is travel my course to be as decent and encouraging to humanity as I can be.

I will take responsibility for my health and do what I can to encourage healthy living with others.

I will constantly work on owning my angers, my frustrations, and my disappointments so that I can work on creating peace within myself.   And be a part of a peaceful existence to the best of my ability.   And hope to always be increasing that ability.

I will enjoy the process of creating and sharing.  Reveling in the attempts of others.  And feeling the thrill of accomplishment when someone, anyone, connects with or appreciates my attempts at creating.

I will love the people in my life.  And do the best to feel the beauty of the love of others for me.

I hope to instill in a few (or more) a passion for the past.   The past experience, the past knowledge, the past adventure, the past  of  family.   And I hope some day to be part of the passion in someone’s heart.   Someone who wants to know the life, the times, the moments of those who came before them.  I would like to think that the fire I felt in my life might peak the curiosity of those who come after.   Those who have a burning curiosity.   Those who I love who will never know me as I live now.

As I live now is the only legacy I can leave.