Sometimes I AM Right

Whenever Husband and I travel I prefer to NOT have specific, detailed, plans.  Who wants to live by an agenda?

I don’t.    Okay okay, I do, but not on vacation.

Today we got up and donned our USA jerseys.   God Bless America!   And headed out of the hotel to hit the bike trail.  As we jabbered to one another coming out of the hotel one of the ladies I had talked to at breakfast was sitting out there and told us “it doesn’t look good”.   Sure enough, to our “left” was a bank of clouds.


We loaded the bikes on the car and headed back to the hotel room to check the weather.   Husband said it’s not suppose to rain until 3 p.m.   It was just about 9 a.m. and the bank of clouds was now over us, with more supporting it from the rear.  Any riding on the trail close to the hotel was postponed if not canceled.

My suggestion?   Get in the car and just go.  No plans needed.   We traveled all over Ireland that way.   And a few other places.   Husband seemed disgruntled.   He was a bit snappish.   We went to the car.   We drove.  He had no intention of picking or choosing anything.   I wasn’t sure of the discontent he was displaying.  We head in to downtown Nashville.  While here we should at least drive by the old Ryman Theater shouldn’t we?  Don’t you think?  I thought so.  Unfortunately our GPS headed us right in to a slew of closed roads and policeman patrolling about directing traffic away from where GPS was insistently telling us to go.

We headed out of Nashville.   Rain drops.  I tried pulling up a bike trail on my phone that we had read about.   I couldn’t find it.   Husband starts driving.   I ask why he’s mad.  He doesn’t want to just drive around and do nothing.   I suggested in a very wife like manner that it was better than sitting in the hotel looking for stuff on the computer.   This progressed to neither one of us admitting we were angry or wrong.   I knew I wasn’t.

We drove a few miles and the grey disappeared in to blue skies and sunshine.  That quickly.

Then Husband says “lets go to that shopping center”.    Only because for three days I have said I wanted to go shopping.   I was on to him.  We went to a Target and then Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Just looking for a sports related item.   We asked the very nice girl behind the desk if there was a place near by to go biking.

She said sure!  And directed us to a place about 6 miles away.   And off we went.

To an unplanned but perfectly beautiful bike ride.  And just to prove I was right…that the unplanned is often the best way to go and do things:

This is Husband atop one of the mountains we climbed.

This is me coming up one of the mountains I wasn’t quite prepared for but more than happy to oblige by riding up.

Bad picture but one of the switchbacks.

One of the owls Husband saw.

I’m not sure what kind of house this is, or what that coned black thing is in front.  But it was pretty in an odd way.

I was going to put a picture up of me eating hamburgers from Krystal’s.  But that didn’t really happen.

But I was right about get going.  Get in the car and go.  Find something to do.

We did.

I was right.