Thanks For The Visit-Now Go Away

Hello Exhaustion!

Welcome to my world.

Who would have thought a little bitty and I do mean tiny house could hold so many walls that need painted, counters and cupboards that need changing, doors that need sanded, lights that need replaced, trim that needs scrubbing, windows that need blinded, pipes that need plumbing and things needing done that I can’t even remember what I’ve done.

The husband and I have disappeared in to the depth of the little house and we start to see daylight only to find another wall that needs plumbed or trim that needs fitting.   And we’re plunged back in to the abyss of renovation.  It has not been an unpleasant experience.  But it has given us an entire new perspective on being tired, being busy, and a little overwhelmed.

We welcome exhaustion and embrace it’s relationship to us now.

In all honesty, though, I anticipate the day it packs it’s self up and moves on.

And we can visit it occasionally when we visit it at someone else’s new home.