Instead, There’s This

Yesterday I read a lot of words all through out the day in reference to the horrible things going on in the world.  Horrible things people do to one another; war, crime, hate.   Intensely sad things happening to us by the very nature of our vulnerability; illness, death, accidents.

I had written a post in response to all I had been reading, about how we should definitely continue to do the random, mundane, normal, routine, ‘have to’ kind of things in life.  And how our vulnerability does not lessen by living less.  I wanted to encourage, embolden and hearten.  Because I believe that if we give in-if we give up-than those horrible things win.

Instead, there’s this.  An unaltered picture I took.  It’s just a flower.  Nothing edited.  I almost deleted it when I looked at it on the camera screen, because it wasn’t what I wanted.  Then when I put it on the computer I kind of liked it.  There’s more beautiful flowers.  There’s more beautiful photographs.  But right there and right now, there is this flower.  And this photograph.  It’s something.  It’s something positive.  For this moment and for this space it is nothing but positive.  This time and this space can never be filled with negative and/or horrible.  But if I had not done that, at that moment, that moment could have been stolen by something all together different.  Instead I continue to do what I can.  When I can.  How I can.  I continue to do my mundane.  My normal.  My creative.  My attempts at life.  My have to’s in life.  My random.  If I don’t continue to do these things….then what would I be doing?

Positive Forever

If there’s this, in the time I have,

then the time I have can’t be filled with something else.

And that’s something.