What’s The Point?

What’s the point of writing all of these words ??

What’s the point of drawing pictures??

What’s the point of painting scenes??

What’s the point of taking hundreds and thousands of pictures ??

What’s the point of creating?   Why do people sit in their homes, in their backyards, tromp through local parks and seek out beautiful things to recreate or get inspiration from?

Or contemplate, worry over, and construe and construct words in  to forms that tell stories, tales or prose?



We are creators.

Is the opposite of ‘create’ – destroy?

Is the absence of ‘create’ – void?

I have no desire to destroy.  And I have no desire to be void….empty.

I choose to create.   I am driven to create.

I create.  The value in creating is the honor I pay to what inspired me.  The honor I attempt to show to others who I value.  The value is in the why of creating.  It’s in the process of creating.  It’s in the stepping back and feeling what ever it is I feel after I’ve created.  The value is in the moments I spend creating, to share it with my child.  My grandchild.  A great great grandchild I may never meet but who wonders about me.  The value is in making my husband smile.  My mother proud.  My siblings applaud and shout (okay that may be an exaggeration).   The value is in the sharing of something I want to create for someone else.

It feels the more I attempt to create, the more I desire to see, observe, and appreciate others creations.

Why do you create?