You Can’t Control The Sun!

Okay I just have to say it.

I think the government is really trying to pull one over on us.   Daylight Savings Time.  Yeah.  Here’s the thing:  if you count the amount of day time we have the day before they change it, then you count the amount of day time we have the day they change it:  we do NOT gain an hour.   The sun is still shining for the exact amount of time it is SUPPOSE to be shining.

Sure sure….they try to pull that little farmers trick on us.   The one that says they need the daylight more at night than they do in the morning.   Well, that only works for the farmers who are saving all of their work for afternoon hours.   You have now effectively screwed the morning working  farmer out of an hour of daylight.

Either way some poor farmer is sitting in the dark somewhere.   And they, like us, have to adjust to this stupid change of hour.   Twice a year.   What real purpose does it serve?  If it’s dark earlier that means we have to  turn lights on in the morning.   If it’s dark later, than that is when we turn the lights on.    And for every argument for it there will be statistics showing the huge benefit and savings to the country.   And for every argument against it, there are going to be statistics touting the benefits of not changing the hour every spring and then again every fall.

I think there is some politician joker sitting at the helm laughing his ass (sorry readers I should say “butt” here but the above mentioned word just fits better, no offense meant) off at all of  the folks who forget to turn their clock ahead and miss church, lose an hour of pay, or some other little non sense they find comical.   Yes, I blame it on the politicians.

Why?   Because I really don’t know who else to blame for this non sense.   So if it does not make sense, and it affects a lot of the regular old folks….  I just naturally assign all responsibility to a politician.

So now that I’ve said it…. if there really is a good reason for doing this, my apologies.   If there is no good reason, than….why?