Singing His Goodbye

There’s a certain way I want to live.  And in living I want to make sure my dying is recognized as a loss to those left behind, but a joyous moving on to something better.

In living I wish my life was run to a sound track.   Sometimes, it is.  Okay, most times it is.  While I’m working or playing, alone or with others, I often have a sound track picked out for that part of my day, my life.   Haha!  And you thought I was paying attention.   🙂   I am I am.  But music makes it all better.

So while living I have certain themes of music.  Of course most of it is Irish based for the heavy emotional stuff.  But there’s plenty of life moments that need their own musical theme, anthem if you will.  And the variety is wide and far reaching.   But by nature I am drawn heavily to the Irish and the feel of their music.

By chance I came across a youtube video that caught my eye while I was listening to some Clancy Brothers, High Kings and Dubliners.  It is a video of Liam Clancy’s funeral.   And this?  This is what I wish for.  That people would connect through songs, words, and emotion.  I have no death wish!  But I have a  powerful wish for life and meaning.  A wish to connect.  A wish to matter, here and beyond.

When I watched them saying  goodbye Liam Clancy it seemed ever so appropriate.    It was about his life, his music here, and the life he entered in to.   What a joy to have lived so well that they sang him home.