Value of Free

Apparently, free has no value.

That’s what I’ve been told oft times over the years.   People don’t value what they do not have to pay for, work for, sweat bullets for.  I knew a martial arts instructor who was very successful with his business.  He had his own school and took care of his family by doing something he enjoyed.  Due to something beyond his control, he had to close his school.   He loved what he did so he gave away his instructions for free.  He taught in a donated church space.   Before, when people had to pay him good money for his good knowledge, the students showed up and dedicated themselves.   When he gave it for free, he couldn’t get the students to show up and value what he had for them.  He could charge incredible sums for what he had.   But he couldn’t give it away for free.

So.   I will now charge for my blog.

If free has no value, the more it costs the more value it has.  Right?

We’ll do this on the honor system.

Every time you read my blog please deposit $50 $100 in to my account.

Gives you value.

Gives me money.