The Bubble Life

Can you imagine living in a bubble?  Where your environment is controlled.  Predictable.  Non-negotiable.  Reliable.

What kind of life is there to be lived in a bubble?

Living In A Bubble

To live trapped.  Away from experience, chance, opportunity, risk, challenge, change, excitement.

Trapped In A Bubble

In some regards the bubble may be a safe guard from dangers.  Either keeping the danger away.  Or keeping the bubble dweller away from the dangers.

Safe In A Bubble

What if the bubble is the band aide?

What if the bubble was confinement-but there was security in the confinement?

Some would wither and die having to live in a bubble.   They would feel trapped.  Confined.  Not alive.

Wither and Die

Where some would find themselves suffocating and deteriorating-

Others may find it to be a place where the confines and limitations of what can get to them, and what they can get to, is a fertile and safe environment for them to flourish.  Expand.  Be safe in the structure of sameness.

I bet there are some people who can’t imagine living inside of a bubble.

And for others, they find peace.

Peace Bubble

Bubble Life.  Or Bubble Free Life.

I hope it’s good to you.