Backwards Love

How nervous was he?  With his little hands clutching the small piece of paper.

Was he trembly like?

Or was he as brave as any man could be,  facing this for the first time.   Alone.  With no one to guide him or lend him some courage.

Was he confident and sure footed as he made his way.

Did he have any doubt about his feelings?  Or did he have the power of conviction on his side.

Did he hesitate.

Did he stick his hand out bravely.

Or did he slowly, painfully, have to force his hand to lift.  To extend his proclamation.

Stand there he did.  Extend his hand he did.  And gave her his heart.

His Heart

Along with his proclamation.

Proclamation of Love

Written backwards.  Written forwards.  It’s all the same.  It probably took a lot of extra effort to write it backwards and write it so well.  Maybe it was his nerves.  Or his concentration was so jumpy with his love.   Or maybe it’s because he is six.

But someone’s little fella felt like he loved someone else’s little girl.   So he told her.

And made a whole lot of people smile.

With the pure sweetness of it.