True Story

On our way to deliver two small children back to their parents we meandered about the countryside looking for other sites to stop and visit.   On one country road we saw a gravel road that veered off to the right as our road veered left.  I pointed and husband driver veered right.  Because there at the top of a knoll was a grey, old and possibly haunted church.

All abandoned buildings hold the potential for hauntings.

We all clamored out of the car.  And walked about the graveyard.  I explained to the kids that we should be respectful of those resting in the grave yard.  They wanted to know if there were skeletons there.  In the yard.  I told them that the bodies were buried there, yes.  But the part of the people that laughed and talked like we are now, and had thoughts and feelings, that part left the body and went somewhere else.  So they don’t need the bodies any more.  They had no problem understanding that, and have their own concept of heaven already.  So they figured the spirits of the people had left and gone on to visit with Jesus.

Unless they were still ‘here’.

So while we explored the graveyard, and the abandoned building, they continued to talk about the ghosts that had to be there.  They were convinced it was haunted and spoke freely about the ghosts meandering about.

The Church

I’ve been trying to fill my life with exploring and adventure.  Even local and short adventures are better than not discovering anything.  So today’s little side stop at the church was a nice way to top off our little ‘esploring’.  By the end of the day I thought we had Ricky Ricardo with us.

I thought as we returned to the vehicle that was the end of the exploration of the church.

But as we drove away the littlest, the four year old, said she had seen a little girl.

At first I didn’t put what she was saying with where we had just left.  I thought she was just talking, as she had been all day, about everything.

As she continued to talk while everyone else in the car was talking I found myself tuning in to her.

I flipped the visor down so I could watch her in the rear view mirror.  I asked her what little girl.

She said the one she saw in church.  I asked her when.  She said today.  I asked her if she meant the church we were just in.

She said yes.

Suddenly the church we had just been to in the light of day, seemed a little greyer to me.

What's Inside

I asked her if she was a big girl, a little girl, bigger than you?

She said no.   She was “liddle”.

I asked her what she was wearing.   Thinking if she said a bonnet and dress and high top shoes I was going back to that church to camp out and get some pictures.   But she said pants, and a shirt.  And shoes.

I thought she was messing me with me.  But she’s four.  How much can a four year old mess with you?

I asked her again where she saw her.  She said the church.  I asked her if the girl was inside or outside.  She said inside.

Go In-I Dare You

I asked her if she was absolutely sure she saw that little girl.  She said “yesh”.

I glanced at Po sitting next to me.  Driving.

Even the bigger sister, age 7 and who doesn’t pay attention to four year old sister, was paying attention.

We were all quiet for a heart beat.  I was really ready to go back.  I ain’t scared of no ghosts.  I wanted to see her.

I asked her where we all were when she saw the little girl and she said we were all outside of the church.  And she was inside by herself.  I knew she had not gone inside by herself.  But, what didn’t I know?

I asked her again if she was sure she saw the little girl.

She said “yesh”.

Old Church

Okay.  What could I possibly say?  I didn’t want to tell her she didn’t see the little girl.  I wanted her to convince me she did see the little girl.  Talk about adventure!  We were going to find out this story for sure.

I asked her what happened to the little girl.

She said-

Big Foot and Baby Big Foot came in and got her.


She got me.

Four years old.

True story.