If All You Need Is Permission….

There are many things in life we do not want to do.  Or we don’t want to have to do them.  Or we wished it wasn’t expected of us.  Or we just don’t care to be bothered.

I’m here to help.

If all you need is to be able to say “I was told not to….”

I am here and ready to oblige.   I already helped out one friend (you are welcome ThoughtsfromanAmericanWoman !) by letting her off the hook:  she does not have to eat liver.   Why?  Because I gave her permission not to.

Sometimes that’s all we need.   A voice of reason saying “hey, listen, it’s not a good idea so you don’t have to____________”.

I’m sorry responsibility evasivers this is not an all inclusive list.  There are limitations.

But, if you don’t want to eat liver you can now say you were told not to eat liver.

Nor do you have to:

*Eat creamed spinach or slimy cooked spinach from a can.

*Wear shoes to work.  (Keep your feet healthy!  Go barefoot!)

*Work out every day (but you can if you want).

*Iron your clothes (but they do have to be clean and bad-odor free).

*Style your hair (again, it must be clean and bad-odor free).

*Talk politics.

*Listen to politics.

*Do the dishes, if you live alone and no one is going to be there to see them sit there dirty for one night any way.

*Eat bugs.

*Try to fit in.  Make the world adjust around you.

*Be outspoken.  It’s just as okay to be quiet and peaceful within.  (This one is kind of self serving if certain persons would accept this as an okay way to be.)

*Do landscaping.

*Follow ‘no white before Memorial Day’ fashion laws.

*So of course you don’t have to follow the ‘no white after Labor Day’ fashion laws.

*Pay any attention to any fashion laws.

*Set your alarm clock on an increment of “15” :  6 or 6:15 or 6:30 or 6:45.   As an example, mine is set at 4:47.

*March to the beat of a different drummer.  How about skipping.  Or running backwards.  Or whatever mode of movement you want to use to get through life.  And how about to the tune of silence.  Or the tune of a clarinet.  Or the tune of a child’s song.   Or whatever mode of life music you choose.   Mix it up at any time.   Do what ever the heck you want!  (In regards to this topic only.  This is not carte blanche  to go crazy.)

*Drink designated wines for designated meats/entrees.  Drink a wine you want (if you are of appropriate age) with whatever food choice you want.  (I really don’t know anything about this because I don’t drink wine.  But it seems like a silly expectation.)

*Eat turkey on Thanksgiving.  Or liver.  Eat what ever you want.  But still be thankful you have the choice.

*Which means you don’t have to eat ham on Easter.  Have pizza.  Or not.

*Have to respond to text within ten seconds.   Email within ten minutes.   Or answer your phone.

*Save all of your money for a rainy day.  (Save it for a sunny day.  Or a snowy day.  Or a sleety day.  Or drizzly but doesn’t count as rainy day.)

*Wait to win a Superbowl to go to Disney.

*Wear matching socks.  (If you go barefoot I wouldn’t even worry about this one.)

Above all else you never have to take advise from me.

But if it helps, feel free!

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Permission to not is now granted.