Beyond Our Ability

I was at the zoo on Saturday.

Among the thrilled people were some people having pint sized melt downs.  One little girl was in the throes of a walking/sobbing/not having any of this melt down.  Her momma was whispering things with that urgent ‘you best be listening to me Little Miss’ mommatude that only momma’s can have.

I don’t know how long the ‘walking/sobbing/not having any of this melt down’ had been occurring before I happened upon them.  But it wasn’t long before momma picked up the little one in a pseudo-hug and I heard her whisper to her “you better pull it together…now”.

She gently set the child back on her feet.

And continued on.

I really felt for the child.  Because I cannot recall one single incident in life where someone told me to pull it together and like magic, I did.  Or stop crying, and I could.   Or it will get better, and it just did.

Sometimes things are just beyond our ability, in the moment, to do anything other than feel how we feel.

And yes, I’ve been that momma too.

Sorry I learned this lesson a little too late.

Maybe A Nap Will Help