Not My Nigthmare

It’s not my nightmare.

So I found it pretty funny.

My apologies.

But I laughed when I was told.

As a child my mom can only remember one time her father ever hitting her.

She was screaming hysterically.  So he had to.  Shaking her wouldn’t stop her.   Yelling at her wouldn’t stop her.  He couldn’t get her to stop screaming.   He couldn’t get her to believe him.

He had to hit her.  Slap her I should say.   Just like in the movies when someone slaps a person on the verge of, or even in, hysteria.

To wake her up.

From her screaming that a cow was in bed with her.

I’m sorry if anyone else doesn’t find that funny.

I laughed my “I’m so embarrassed by my loud-assed laugh” laugh.

(Sorry about that ‘assed’ in there too.)

Not My Nightmare