Didn’t Make A Mile

It’s one thing to enjoy something.  It’s a whole n’other thing to have someone else learning to enjoy it with you.

“Mamo we need to go on a bike ride.”

She was correct.

But today she was going to take it upon herself to power herself, not be pulled, or carried, or pushed.  She was going to set upon a bike and see the world the way Mamo sees it.

Geared and Ready.

There’s nothing like the feeling of, and knowledge you can, powering yourself around the world.  Go places.  Experience things.  Do things in a different way.

Here we go. Follow Po. Keep up. Or, Po, slow down.

And we are off.  We have a convoy.  Po on his trike.  Pulling the trailer.  She on her trike.  Me trying to keep up from the rear.

My pedal fell off Mamo!

Po went to get the wrench.  We went ahead, pretty sure that Po could catch up….  But you have to be prepared for all kinds of catastrophes when you are biking….

Mamo! My shoe fell off!

Hand tightening the pedal would only last so long, and the one tenth of a mile so far was pretty exhausting.   We made it a quarter of a mile.   That’s a long way for sure.  Before a break was needed.

Stay hydrated. This is very important.

Stay hydrated. This is very important.

Gotta rest Mamo.

Are you done riding?   “No, I can do this.”

Are you tired?   “No, I just wanna go this slow.”

A jogger passes.  He tells her she’s doing great.  But he asks her if she really wants a jogger to be passing her.  She speeds up.  Saying “why is this embarrassin?”   But then stops very quickly.  Because bike rides are all about adventure.  And she sees one.

“Mamo, this is just too adorable.”

Po and Sister caught up, just in time.  To show her Little Sister.

“Look at that, it’s a cute baby and it’s momma.”

We decide to go on.  There’s more to see.

I think I’m ready to stop riding now.

Fortunately Po is prepared for biking catastrophes.  Even if they really aren’t catastrophes but little legs.

Talk about “embarrassin”.   As Po pedals along a man approaches and as he is face to face with Po she yells out “Po don’t hit that old man!”    Old man appears to have a sense of humor as he chuckles at me as we roll on by.

Trike, trailer, trike. Mamo.

With the preparation that went in to this ride.  And the energy extended.  There should be reward.  And there was.

Finding a tree house at the end of the trail.
Kind of like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here I am!

Tree houses are for everyone.

For passenger and engine alike.

Sharing what you love.  Loving who you share it with.  Makes something you love just that much more incredible.

She didn’t make a mile on her own.  But, then again, she didn’t need to.  She had me.  And Po.  And sister.

Happy pedals everyone.