None Of This Happened

1.  I became independently wealthy when I wrote and sold a national best seller.

2.  Traveled freely,  and on every whim I had, to see every interesting part of the world I could get to.

3.  Learned, and mastered, how to play the guitar.

4.  I gave loads of money to charities and the needy, and to help research and battle horrible diseases.

5.  I was 100% kind, gracious and helpful.

What did happen..

1.  I wrote some words that many more people than I ever expected, read.   And lots of them seemed to like some of those words.  It felt better than picking up a found five dollar bill (because a found five dollar bill means someone else lost it, and then I would feel bad).

2.  I went to a few places I hadn’t been before.  And places I couldn’t get to, I got to see through the words and pictures of others who are  in those places.   What an economical way to travel!

3.  I am taking guitar lessons and can play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on command.  And I am commanded on a daily basis to play it or sing it for a non-judgmental little man who never tires of it.

4.  I am fortunate enough to be able to give to some charities, and help those closest to me when they have been in need.  And it didn’t always (or even mostly) involve money.   It seems giving of myself has value as well.

5.  Hahahahahahahahaha!  Fortunately, I can laugh at my failings.  I am never %100  good because I fail at that with my temper and cuss words.   Though to balance that.  I am no where near %100 bad either.   Closer to the good end of that scale.  But probably way too much bad.


Looking back on this.  I can’t say “none” of this happened.   Much of this happened, in degrees.