And That’s How I Love My Country.

How can I love my country?


I get up every day and go to work.

I pay my bills.

I don’t slander her.  I don’t tear her down.

I stand up for the National Anthem (and most times I tear up hearing it).

I try to live in a manner that will not embarrass my country.

On the occasions I have the good fortune (saved up!) to travel, I do my best to represent America well.

I do what I can to help others in need.

I have opinions and I listen to other’s opinions.

I don’t speak on matters I do not know enough about, though I will listen, and I will ask questions.

I acknowledge there are problems.  My country is not perfect.  But I will defend her.  Because perfect or not, I am an American.

I acknowledge I either become part of the problem.  Or I become part of the solution.  It’s a choice I recognize I have.  Or I do nothing, also a choice.

I do what I can to not be a burden on my country.

I know my country is not a politician.  It is the people.

I appreciate the cultures and diversity.  I’m intrigued by my country.

I believe in my country.  I do not agree with everything as it was, or with all that everyone thinks should change.

I must meet what is expected of me by my country.

I do not turn on her, and all of the men and women who have done more for this country than I, when things get rough.

I do not lump all Americans together when one (or many) Americans do something stupid.  We are individuals with the right to make our own decisions regarding our behaviors.

I see my country through my eyes and my experiences.  I do not let anyone else define her for me.

And that, is how I love my country.

Happy Birthday America.