Tripping the Husband, Fantastic!

I have never thought I could, would or should be dancing.   I’m just not dance-able.  Not flexible.  I have no smoothness that could sashay it’s way in to dance moves.  I have no rhythm.  I can’t hear or discern a beat (to dance to).   But tonight was our first dance lesson.

The title is kind of a lie.  I had it in mind heading in to the lesson.  Thinking for sure I would be tripping the Husband.  I did not.   Though he did step on my toes.   I forgave him.

Did we dance?  Yes.  Did we dance well?  I’m pretty sure we are ready to compete.  We could compete with the couple that showed up at the beginning of the class as us.   And probably win against them.  By the time class was over not only did we dance, we did swing dance, and the waltz.

I am pretty sure we left our instructor’s in shock, and they were awed, at our abilities.

Again, all lies.

But it was fun.   Mrs. Instructor showed us proper poses for people who dance well, correctly, and with ability.  The partners look away from one another.  So Husband takes this position, looking away from me and says “are you there?”

He’s a riot.

Later we dance on and we’re laughing at one another and he turns his head and says “stop looking at me”.

I shall incorporate that line in to our daily existence now.

For all of my worldly experiences,  and desires to experience more, I never ever thought dancing would be something I wanted to do.  I never even contemplated it.  Most things I see others do I think to myself “I can do that” and proceed to try.  Or just assume I would be so good at it I won’t even bother trying because in my head I’ve already accomplished it.  I do need some challenge.

We have friends who talked about their experience with dance class.  I enjoyed their enthusiasm.  And I have always enjoyed watching others dance.  Especially little kids who do it so naturally.   But it is one of the very few things I have seen where I have not been tempted to try (along with sky diving and catching catfish with my hand).   I told the instructor tonight that I have always seen my body type as:  box.   Boxes don’t sway.   They don’t swing.  They don’t dip and turn.   They sit square and steady.  That’s what boxes are for.

So she showed me how to move my hips for rumba.

Did I do it?

What do you think?

Heck yeah!

Though in my head I was still a box.  Trying to sway my hips.  Bend my knee.  Shift my weight.  Lock that leg.  Move that hip.

Instead of feeling stupid and boxy I laughed at the freedom I felt at trying it.  That freedom was quite exhilarating.

I could envision myself tonight with my long flowing hair being tossed about as we “swung” through the dance hall, or my elegance at the properness of our waltzing position.   But, when it comes down to it, I am more realist than delusional.  My hair is about three inches long and spiked, there’s no more sway and flip in my hair than there is in my hips.  But the reality of it does include having had a wonderful time with Husband.  And trying something new that I didn’t think I could do.

Great lesson to learn from dance class.

In addition to the dancing.