I’m Not Doing It

At this point in my life there are some things I realize I am not going to do.  I may want to do them  but due to lack of time or inability to have become independently wealthy I accept that I likely will not do them.

For example I know I won’t be climbing Mt. Everest.  Why?  Because I haven’t yet started my mountain climbing skills building.   And I would think I wouldn’t start that now and be able to summit next climbing season.  Wouldn’t that be incredible though?  To climb up there and take a look around the world from way up there?  Yeah.   Pretty sweet.

And I won’t be called “doctor” any time soon.   I don’t see that one in my future.   I haven’t the patience (ha! no pun intended) to go through all of that schooling.   Besides I probably ought to leave it to the ones who can stomach all that stuff that has to do with the body.   You know, fluids, parts, innards.  I’m not too thrilled with my own parts – don’t want to go examining others.

I’m not going to be a body builder.  I wanted to.  At one time.  I love the discipline and physical effort put in to that.  But I’m not allowed to lift weights any more.  And I have too many unsculptable parts just hanging around any more.

Other things I’ve decided I’m not going to do:

Tupperware parties.


Go shopping for dress up clothes.  Ever.   Again.

Eat liver.

Have babies.

Join a Polar Bear Club.

Fall for my daughter sending me a text late at night telling me to look out the window.  I text back and say I did.  She texts  “did you see me” and I text  “no” and she texts back “OMG THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK WORKED!”    Yeah.

Sing opera.

Oh.   And I will never, ever, ever again start the holiday planning for my family by sending an email to everyone to say “hey, there’s so many of us so let’s start planning.”

That one will never ever happen again.    I’m quite brave and willing to try many many things.   But I’m not stupid.   🙂   I think the youngest should have to do it.   I’ve served my time.