He Doesn’t Know Any Other Way To Exist

I had to go somewhere today.  Where, isn’t really important.

I had to talk to someone today.  Who, isn’t really important.


I met someone along the way.  And he and I went together to talk to someone else.

While continuing along the way, a small child somehow appeared, between me and this man.

I didn’t see him heading towards us.

But suddenly he was between us.

And he had his arm around me before I was completely aware of what was happening.

I looked down into his child face.

And he looked up with pure delight in his face.  Instinctively I put my arm on his shoulders and smiled.  I couldn’t resist.

He smiled up, with his head fully back, and his smile on full charm.  I have a feeling he doesn’t know any other way to exist.  He had his coat on.  With his hood snuggly around his beautiful face.

I said “why, you’re a hugger aren’t you?”

He smiled some more and said hello.


Someone called him over.

He looked there, and back up to smile some more.

He stepped away.

And that quickly, I felt abandoned when he walked away.


It was the high point of my day.

Unsolicited.  Pure.  Radiating.  Joy.