I’m Not God….

…..but I can make my own tree.

It’s not done yet.

Is a tree ever really completed?

I suspect they grow until they die.

Kind of like our ears.

Because of my adult onset of stupid allergies,

I find it hard to have live trees in the house.

But artificial just wasn’t the same.

So if I couldn’t have a real tree,

at least I can have a wooden tree.

I still have to figure out a way to get the rest of the lights on.

I haven’t made the star yet.

And I still have faces to put on the tree.

I put some of my favorite ornaments on for now.

The whole point of the tree was to cover it in ornaments,

With faces on it.

Happy faces.

Of faces I love.

So the tree will grow every year with more faces.

And more love.

So, I make trees.

What do you make?




It should be noted that Husband has the patience of a saint.