My Place

Okay the next topic given for Ashley, Maggie and myself to write about is:

“My favorite place on the planet”.

Mine will probably sound mushy as hell compared to their humorous rantings.  I’m just putting that out there because they made me laugh at the first of the series “What scares the shit out of me”.

My favorite place on the planet?  Sorry, I can’t narrow it down.  Especially after the last three weeks.  Or the last 46 years.  But I’ll give it a go.

This place sticks in my head.  And my heart.  It was a hike to get there.  I went there with David.  No one else.  And it was incredible.

Croagh Patrick, Ireland, 2007.  We climbed the mountain on  a day that no one else saw fit for climbing.  And it paid off for us.  We had the entire mountain to ourselves.  No man or beast thought it would be worth the effort.  But we climbed up in to the clouds and were rewarded with the summit surrounded in mist.  In mystical waves of windblown clouds.  We literally walked among the clouds and felt as if it was a different world, a different time.  And no one else could have that.   Just us.

This year we went to Ireland and there were quite a few spectacular places.  I think of them now and it makes me happy remembering the beauty, the music of the natural sounds, the solitude.

I wrote while sitting in ‘Synge’s Chair’.  That is the actual spot that I loved which surrounds me by rocks, which I also love.  But this is what I saw:

And this quickly became a favorite ‘place’.   Though the chances of me going back there are slim, I was there.  And it touched me.

I sat here upon an island so small you can see ocean from almost any place you stand.  I sat and I wrote here as well:

And from this spot this is what I saw:

How can I not be awed by this.

I could go on and on about favorite places in Ireland.  There are many.

And I can’t narrow it down to one “place”.   A favorite place would be any place that struck me as full of beauty.  Or astonished me with it’s powerful presence.  There are so many places I have been that I have been happy, joyful, contemplative, grateful.   I associate “favorite” with powerful emotions.  Sitting on that wall in Ireland when I could not make that connection to home, when I was so overwhelmed with the need to see my children and my grandchild.  That’s a favorite place.  It opened up my eyes to the fact that I love Ireland, but not more than the people I love.    That moment on that wall is very powerful to me.    I could not leave behind my favorite people to be in a favorite place.

All of my favorite places on the planet are attached to a favorite person.  The places I went to in Ireland are with David.  The homes I have lived in are with parents, siblings, children, grandchild.  David.   The places that made me laugh and fill my memory bank are with friends and family.  David.

The stoop outside of Brittany’s door.  As I walked up to the closed door and I heard “MAMO MAMO MAMO” before the door opened and she could even see me.   That little piece of concrete is pretty stinking dear to my heart.  Because  standing on it with David and opening that door,  opened up to the favorite places of my heart.