Who Needs Doctors And Nurses Anyway?

If I am sick or injured I go see my doctor.

But I don’t really go see my doctor to be taken care of.

He’s only the middleman.  Maybe some of you have middlewoman.   I wish I could go directly to my true care provider.  My insurance company.

My doctor only takes the time to talk with me.  Discuss my symptoms or the incident that occurred to land me in this inconveniently located local office close to my home.  My doctor only uses his hands, eyes, ears, the tools of his trade, his extensive education and training – to diagnose me.  He only uses his knowledge, the knowledge at his disposal and through collateral contacts, to come up with a plan of action and treatment.  If necessary he has the nerve to determine if tests or x-rays are needed to rule out or confirm his diagnosis or give him a better idea of what is going on.

But he only does all of this as a ruse.  Why would he care about me and my medical needs?  I’ve only been seeing him twenty or so years.  He has only been with me through every serious, or not so serious and bordering on funny, medical incident of my adult life.  It’s not like he’s invested in my well being – at all.

Not – for sure – like the insurance company.  The insurance ‘company’ doesn’t even need to meet me!  They know what’s best for me wiith out laying eyes, hands or stethoscope on me.  They. Are. Amazing.       Pause for effect.   They are just that amazing.

My insurance company can tell by their charts on money costs and theorems on care plans for people what will serve me best.  I mean, come on!  What works for ONE will work for 250,000 of us.   Am I right?    I must be.

So, who needs our doctors and nurses?

Why are we wasting our time going to see someone who takes the time to check us out and gather our information.   And keep track of it in those pesky charts that shows him at a glance our running health history and issues.  If we cut out the middleman (middlewoman) we could just type in our symptoms or cause of accident on some application or internet page and be processed in ten to fourteen business days.    We can then receive our pre-certification to get healthy.     We wouldn’t have to bother with the nurse asking us how our kids are, or how is mom’s arthritis, or did Uncle John’s hip surgery go okay.  We could save so much time not talking to the nurses to review our medications and those over the counter medications we add on our own thinking it’s a healthful benefit.

And if we could just go straight to the insurance company to determine our health care needs we can skip all of this hullabaloo compassion and sympathy.   Who needs a nurse or doctor to take your hand, pat your shoulder, or hug you when you are in the depths of fear and confusion because you’ve just been told you, or your spouse, your child, your parent, your sibling, your grandparent has but a few months, weeks, days-to live.   What good is there in being told “I’ll be with you through this, I’ll do whatever I can to help” when you are told you have a long battle in your future to regain your health.

The insurance companies already have all of the answers and have already predetermined what our medical needs are.  Or, if we surprise them with an illness or injury they can scan their computers for what they feel is the best course of treatment.  What do they need to see us for?   Hundreds of thousands of people have had heart attacks.   Criminy, tall people, short people, thin people, not as thin people, old people, young people, people on medications, people not on medications, people who’s parents had heart issues, people who’s parents are still kicking it at 89 with nary a moment of illness.  A hearts a heart.  Right?  Why look in to all of the extenuating information per person to look for differences.  Just seems like a bother to me.

I’m sure my doctor doesn’t know me any better, or what’s better for me, than the insurance ‘company’.   And the insurance company only has my best interests at heart.   I’m so very sure of that.

Why else would they have so much power and control or influence over my health care needs.

Stupid stupid stupid me.

Thinking my doctors and nurses were the ones I should be trusting and putting my faith in.

What do I know?

According to the insurance company, not as much as they do.

My bad.