I’m Nicer Today

Waking up In Ireland.

A better day already and it’s only after  noon .

We were on our first bike by 8 a.m.  It was pretty chilly.  The sun was hot but the air is cold.  It plays with your head.   We found ourselves crossing the Kingfisher bike route so we went on it thinking the drivers would be leary of bikes on the road and take care.  Some did.  Sadly, some did not.  But there were no sheep or cow attacks to report!

We started early because a large percentage of Ireland is not awake at 8 a.m.   We stopped at a cross roads to check the map to see which way we wanted to go.  A car approached  and David and I both knew the Irishman  would stop to offer help.  He asked if we were lost and we told him we didn’t know, but it didn’t really matter.  I think he fell in love with us then.  He asked if we would like a cup of tea.  We accepted the offer and he sent us back to his farm house and told us to kncok on the door and tell his sister to make us some tea.  I told him I wasn’t sure if she would like that.  He told me to tell her we ran in to a bonnie/bonner/banner (I’m not sure which word that was) fella and he said fo r us to come down for tea.

So we did.  We pedaled down to a very well kept farm, and knocked on the door.  A tallish, white haired lady opened the door and I told her what her brother told us.  She asked some questions and I named some family names and counties we have checked in to.  She said “well we’ve all been  given names now haven’t we”.  I agreed with her.  She was still wearing her pajamas and a coat.  She said she probably shouldn’t but she wears her pajamas to do her housework and then gets dressed.

She ushered us in to the front room.  She is Florence.  We can call her anything but Florry.  Watch, the next time I see her (we have been invited back) I’ll call her Florry.  Her brother’s name is Wills.  He didn’t want to go by “Wee Willy” so he goes by Wills.  Wills came back from checking some cattle.  Aqnd the four of us had a fantastic time.  It was the most pleasant unexpected part of all of my Ireland trips.  We had ridden our bikes in to Northern Ireland.  Will said he could easily take a “side” but in troubles like these both sides have some “bad” in them.  You can’t blame one side over the other.

They made us tea and toast.  Will lots sugar on his porridge but not in his tea.  You learn these things about your friends.  I decided I was Florences new best friend.  Which made her laugh.  She gave us a jar of her home made marmalade.  Four fruits in that and it was wonderful.  We have plans to go back tomorrow night.  And bring UT and AC with us.

We’re on our way to Donegal town.  Hope to run in to AC and UT there.

I suppose I could buy a gift or two as well.

This morning was sure better than yesterday’s.