This Very, Very Fine House

I like houses.  I like other people’s houses.  I’m intrigued by the space people create around them.   Often I’m a little jealous of other people’s space.  Sometimes I’m not.  Sometimes I feel bad for other’s and the space they have.   But always, when I return to our space, I am overjoyed.

Yesterday I went on a bike ride.

And I came across an almost completed house.

It is nearly perfect in every way.

I could live in this house.

I might have to make some modifications to it.  Minor changes and additions.   But really, if this house was in another climate, it would be nearly perfect.

Firstly, how could I not absolutely love a house that is built on the bike trail and is easily accessible for wheels?  Not made for me and my wheels however, so my wheels stayed respectfully at the door.

I was free to, and encouraged to, roam about the little house.

What’s not to love about little decks that have trees for friends?


Or trees as inhabitants?

Sky view anyone?   Yes please.

Fancy walls with fancy lookin’ out spots.

Not to mention a sweet little creek for a neighbor.

Not ready to let us go upstairs yet.  But that’s okay.  No hurry.  I can already tell it’s going to be a great addition.

Yes.   This house is amazing.   It wasn’t built for my wheels.   But for little peoples (aka children) who need wheels and special devices to make life more accessible.   So to help them out, they built this house for them.   Because shouldn’t everyone get to play in (or live in) a tree house?

Well done agencies and peoples of Lancaster, Ohio.   Well done.

I’m not even the least bit jealous.   I’m actually very very happy for the little peoples who will know the joy of regular old childhood play.  In their very own house.   That other people will really, really admire.

It is a very, very fine house indeed.